Tie Dye Rocks

photo 1A while ago some good friends of ours dropped round a gift for the newest baby girl in our family. They had been to our local market and purchased a rather funky tie dye vest. Despite her expression here I assure you she loved her rockin vest, the crying was more to do with her Mum incessantly taking photos of her, and less about the outfit choice. I was really chuffed with our friends’ choice of gift having noticed these vests at the market in the past. I had admired them at the time but thought them to be a bit out of our usual price range for baby vests (especially as most of our vests end up covered in toxic luminous yellow poo, what is up with that colour?!). Anyway, having admired said vest many times over the last few months, I thought how hard can it be? Surely I could try my hand at the age old art of tie dye and make a few funky baby gifts of my own. It should be noted that the church that we attend seems to produce a new baby by the week so baby gifts are frequently required. What is more I’ve recently discovered I am getting a new nephew this summer so it seemed like a good excuse to get to work.

One of my favourite shops of late is Home Bargains, I heart the discounters, so I headed there and purchased some baby vests, three for £2.99, and tie dye kits at £2.50 each. As the vests normally cost around £10 in the market I calculated that I could make the same thing, hopefully, for around £1.85, bargain!!! I started on some baby boy vests, I would like to add that the tie dye phase kind of passed me by at school so this was my first ever attempt at the art. It does require a bit of trial and error but I managed to produce some decent baby boy vests. I’m now on to the girlie vests and again I seem to have achieved a two out of three success rate. Not bad.  Practice makes perfect as they say so I’ll keep experimenting, after all there is nothing nicer than an original  homemade gift.

photo 2 photo 3

photo 5unnamed


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