Flower Power

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My eldest daughter has reached a season in her life when she parties all the time, literally, she has a party every weekend at the minute. At five years old a child is well aware that it is their birthday and even more aware of what type of party they want, as well as the present. Anyway, as it seems to be the done thing to invite the whole class to the party Amelia’s social calendar is raging. The many party invites calls for many birthday present purchases and the need for originality and creativity when choosing the gifts. Due to the sheer volume of parties I try to set a target for myself, to buy the gift on a £5 budget. Thanks to the likes of Home Bargains, this budget allows for nice purchases without breaking the bank.

As a child I used to love to receive gifts with all kinds of treats in them so I like to include a toy, something sweet, something quirky and possibly something homemade, which leads me on to the subject of this post. Of late the girlie parties have allowed me to indulge in a bit of clip making. All that is needed to make the clips is sheets of felt (55p each in my local craft store), clips (packs of 30 from Poundworld at, you guessed it, £1) and my trusty glue gun. I cut out felt circles and cut them into spirals, then I roll the spiral whilst applying glue as I go, then it’s just a matter of gluing them to the clips. For added effect I like to cut out some leaves using green felt and glue them to the clip before gluing the flower. The clips make a nice wee extra to include with the rest of the gift and they let the child (and parent) know that you’ve put a bit of thought and love into the present. Each clip costs about 9p to make so it definitely won’t eat into too much of your budget.

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