Pimp My Bedding

This post starts with a sorry  tale. After a pretty chaotic weekend which included numerous fifth birthday celebrations and a Baptism, Team Skinner were joined by some rather unwelcome visitors in the form of head lice. This was my first reaction upon discovery of the lice,

which was swiftly followed by several questions: How did Amelia get them? How would we get rid of them? Did the rest of us have them? What if she has spread the love around all the kids at the party, in church and her cousins? Was there to be a head lice epidemic in east Belfast all because of the Skinner girls? Was I a bad mother? ( This is a daily question no matter what the situation) And why are little children so gross?! ( I jest)

Anyway after the initial shock we launched Operation Anihilate those Lice, which included covering everyone in Hedrin, picking out as many of the bad boys as we could find, hibernating in the house and changing all the bed clothes, cue another load of washing. It was while changing the nasty terry towelling waterproof sheets on the girls’ beds that I had an idea. As I said, the waterproof sheets are ugly and I’ve been meaning to put nicer fitted sheets over them for a while. Now was indeed the time to pimp the girls’ bedding, it might also take my mind off the trauma of the head lice infestation. Come Monday morning I headed to B&M Bargains, I’d spied some cute heart print sheets there a few weeks back. I couldn’t find said sheets when I got there but I did find a lonely red fitted sheet with white stars all over it, how very Cath Kidston I thought to myself, it would be rude not to. So I went to the cash register to pay, expecting the marked £4.99 charge, to my delight the sheet and pillowcase set scanned at £1. The cashier and I looked at each other in disbelief but I thought best to pay and hotfoot it out of there before she enquired further about this ridiculous bargain, so I skipped out like this:

I’ve since located the heart sheets for Phoebe’s bed also, sadly  not at £1, and the bedding has been suitably pimped, and fumigated, and Team Skinner lived happily ever after.

image   image

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