Tie Dye Part Deux

A few weeks back one of my brothers read my blog and having seen the tie dye post he asked me to make him one, a t-shirt that is not a baby vest. Ever the Hipster, Mattsy reckoned he could pull off the tie dye look. It was his 30th this week and while we had ordered him a few items from Amazon, one of the major components of the gift hadn’t appeared yet. Not wanting to attend Matt’s birthday party empty handed, for fear of looking like a stinge of an older sister, I decided to make him the tie dye tee as requested.

I should add at this point that my husband is becoming more and more concerned that I’m going to buy a Delorean and attempt to transport myself back to the eighties.

Recently I’ve been making a lot of tie dye, covering everything in sight in dymo labels and I had Steve buy me a pair of the classic black Doc Marten boots last Christmas, which I never have off me. Now all I need is a shell suit and a perm and I’m good to go.

I digress, anyway, I headed to Home Bargains and purchased another tie dye pack at £2.50, I only needed two of the three colours but I’ll maybe use the third one for another tee for me or one of the girls. I’m ashamed to say I purchased the tee in Primark for £2.50, not very ethical I know but I was worried I’d mess up the first, even the second t-shirt and end up spending  lots of money before I got it right. I needn’t have worried it seems all the practice has paid off after all, behold a Lisa Skinner original for a mere £5 and the birthday boy seemed pleased with it. Happy 30th Matt!

IMG_0031 IMG_0032 IMG_0033IMG_0037

image image


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