One man’s junk…

As a mother of three, meal preparation can be pretty manic. My least favourite two hours of the day are from 5pm until 7pm in our house, I call it Happy Hour, it is anything but happy and sadly in no way resembles the Happy Hours of old circa 2003. That said the odd G&T might help to get me through the mealtime madness, you know what I’m talking about fellow mummies! Steve normally returns from work to find a basket-case of a wife, running from the toilet to the kitchen and back to the dining room to deal with the chaos of three small girls.

While everyone ends up fed and watered, eventually, my enthusiasm for cooking creative meals has waned in the last number of months. I promised myself that while off on maternity leave I would up the stakes on the cooking front, I think that lasted for the first week, but hey reality doesn’t always allow for the fulfilment of good intentions. Hence the age old favourite, Baked Beans, have been making a big comeback in our house recently. With each tin I open, I gaze at the tin and think about the possibilities. You’ll know by now that I like to reuse and repurpose where I can and tin cans provide a useful resource. This is a tin I decorated in washi tape a while back and we now use it for pencils:


I always like to make my neighbours a little something at christmas, whether that be shortbread or fudge or, as in last year, a little floral arrangement with my trusty tins:


Then there was my Gran’s birthday:


And last week to cheer myself up after another round of Happy Hour I made one for myself:


It’s the little things. Waste not want not people, all you need is that old tin can, some quirky wrapping paper and some flowers, even grab a load from your garden. I also tend to use some green styrofoam inside to push the flowers into.

Again Pinterest has a wealth of ideas with regards to how to use your tin cans. You could decorate them and use them to hold cutlery or pierce holes through them to create a nice tealight holder, I feel another project coming on but preferably not between 5 and 7pm!




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