A Guide to Savvy Shopping: Part Two – Back to School Basics

First of all, apologies for my absence over the past few weeks, let’s just say there has been some drama in our household which involved a 999 call and the appearance of an ambulance last week. Thankfully order has been restored, my husband is almost fighting fit again and I’m back in the blogging game. Where has the summer gone?! I’ll admit that at the end of June I was dreading the prospect of entertaining three children under the age of six for eight full weeks but it has flown by and the task wasn’t as difficult as I imagined, no thanks to the weather. So now the start of a new school year looms and I’m thinking to myself, is my first baby really going into P2 and my second baby girl starting nursery school? Stop the clock already, they’re growing up too fast! The start of a new school year also calls for new supplies which has given us the opportunity to shop for some funky new stationary, woo hoo! Here is a round up of some of the best buys we’ve found. image  A Globe Sharpener, £1 at Poundland image Lego Erasers, 49p at Home Bargains imageHello Kitty Elvis Stationary set, £1 at Poundland image HB pencils, £1.79 at Lidl (great for little fingers!) image Notebook, 99p at Home Bargains image Bird shaped rubber bands, 10p on sale in The Works image Wooden sharpener, 19p at Home Bargains image Crayola crayons, 49p per pack at Home Bargains image Tin pencil case, 50p on sale in The Works image TY erasers, 39p per pack at Home Bargains (a pack of four can sometimes be found in Poundworld for £1)

We also picked up a new lunch bag for £1.99 in Home Bargains and the cutest little Dr Marten Mary-Janes ❤️, on sale in the Doc Marten shop in Belfast for £36. image image

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