Holidays are coming?!

Bets are on as to how early this old favourite is going to appear on our screens this year:

My guess is the end of September, like it as I may my reaction will no doubt be the same as everyone else’s:

Despite my aversion to Christmas ads, and Christmas music for that matter, being broadcast in September and October, I am a lover of all things Christmas and every year I start my festive shopping in September. Ok I confess I sometimes start it even earlier because let’s face it I can’t pass up a bargain, and I like to spread the cost of Christmas across a few months so that the total bill doesn’t result in an epic meltdown. Actually, let me rephrase that, so that the total bill doesn’t cause Mr. S to have an epic meltdown upon reviewing the itemised statement of our joint account.

Truth be known, I have the bulk of my presents bought, for the children anyway, and I plan to pretty much close the deal on Christmas shopping with a wee trip to Kildare Outlet Village at the start of October. You know it makes sense people, so let the shopping commence!

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