A Little Bird told me…

Ok fellow bargain hunters, this is one for all the mummies out there struggling to find stylish clothes for their kiddos. I received an email this afternoon to let me in on the sale preview for Mothercare, because I subscribe to their emails they offer me the chance to shop their sale before the offers are widely available in store and online. This means that I, and other subscribers like me, get first dibs on their gorgeous ‘Little Bird’ range, designed by Jools Oliver. I want to say Jamie Oliver’s wife but she is a person in her own right and she is a very gifted lady, not least because she designs the most gorgeous retro children’s clothing range known to man. If they had the same clothes in my size I would be all over that. The Little Bird range is not only tres cute it is also hard wearing, which when you’re buying for kids is a must. I love this range the most so when the sale preview notification appears in my inbox I’m straight there! This time I’m shopping for the girls’ summer wardrobe for next year and who could blame me when you can snap up gorgeous tees for £3.50! I mean look at these clothes!!!

image image image image image image

Jools Oliver I salute you! It is hard to find nice clothing for children today, especially for boys, but Jools has mastered it. All of the above items will be available on sale later this week, if there is any left in stock that is. To avoid disappointment I recommend joining the Mothercare mailing list asap.

Mothercare have recently started selling designer brands online such as Converse, Mamas & Papas, Esprit, Penguin and Joules. They also do offers on these brands from time to time. A few months ago I bought this Joules top for a mere £6.


Don’t miss out on hearing from the Little Bird in future!


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